Having 16 years of combined two way communication experience, we (David Benizri & Melissa Malo) have decided to form our own company; Tandem.

It says it all... We are far from simple representation. Working in TANDEM we apply this philosophy as much with our customers than our suppliers and partners. We offer a dynamic, modern and personalized approach, all based on relationships established with confidence. And this, with all our business partners.

Having already ties with high technology companies, we are always looking for products and/or solutions that can benefit our customers. It is with the spirit of always innovating and offering you the best that there is to offer that we strive for every day. Proactive in every sense we know exactly how to obtain what you are looking for and this even before you have talked about it.

Our social implication is also very important to us. Whether it is through raising funds for charities, sponsoring events on the local and national level or simply by our environmental responsibility, we always stay implicated.

It is with a philosophy of helping and teamwork that we mostly enjoy working. Always keeping in mind to serve well our customers and suppliers, we continue to move forward and have as a goal to be the market leader.