2.4 GHz Technology for Multi-Channel,
Tactical & Public Safety Applications

Tactical communications have become more portable and versatile with the DX300ES. This system supports hands-free, two-way digital conversations with interfacing for two channels of external radio or intercom communications. Its compact design makes it highly portable and very quick to set up and operate. Ideal for today's frequency congested markets, the DX300ES is a digital spread spectrum system that requires no frequency coordination or license for operation.
Special features include two-channel operation, dedicated channel relays, battery operation, four-wire audio interfaces, and HME Spectrum Friendly™, 2.4 GHz technology. With multi-channel support and relay closures the DX300ES can also support live event, remote broadcast, movie and video production applications.


In business since 1980, ComtronICS provides wireless equipment and systems, specializing in wireless voice communications for industrial and public service use. ComtronICS achieved the coveted Motostar excellence rating in 2006 and 2008.

We are nationally recognized as a provider of solutions for high noise, hazardous and critical tasks. Our customer base includes fire and police departments, power plants, nuclear energy and research facilities, hospitals, manufacturing plants, contracting companies, stock exchanges and government agencies. Many of our customers also know us under our accessory brand name of Cobalt AV.

Since 2003, ComtronICS under the brand name CobaltAV, has provided headsets and related equipment to a wide variety of industries. We also custom build headsets, cable assemblies, wireless telephony and intercom apps.



Cadex Electronics Inc. established in 1980 by Founder, President and CEO, Isidor Buchmann, is a privately held ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified Canadian company that has succeeded in developing a position of international leadership in the field of advanced battery analyzers, chargers and PC maintenance systems. Providing all aspects of system design, the company combines advanced technology, engineering strength and nearly 30 years of manufacturing excellence. Cadex's award-winning products are sold in more than 100 countries where battery users have turned to Cadex for the value it provides in prolonging battery life and improving dependability. Today, Cadex analyzers, chargers and pc maintenance software are used in two-way radio communications, medical, cellular, computing, handheld scanning, aviation and defense applications throughout the world. Cadex's customer list for both commercial and OEM products is both lengthy and impressive.


Mulitplier Power solutions on demand

For OEM quality portable power solutions for mobile communications in public safety applications and in end-user applications ranging from construction to mining to oil & gas exploration Multiplier has joined forces with Alexander Technologies.

Multiplier provides the broadest range of OEM quality batteries and accessories for two-way radios and voice communications devices. Multiplier’s full product range offers power solutions for the two-way communications market, including OEM-replacement, genuine FM-approved intrinsically safe, primary lithium and extended-capacity batteries for Motorola, Kenwood, M/A-COM, Relm, Vertex Standard and many other radio models.

Multiplier offers power solutions for data communications as well, including batteries for handheld barcode scanners and printers, with capbilities that span 3 continents for manufacturing, engineering, distribution and customer service.

We use only high quality Japanese cells, which hold capacity through 300-500 cycles. We guarantee at least 80% capacity for 12 months for all our NiMH and Li, and 18 months for NiCd batteries.

The Multiplier brand will continue to represent the quality and value that you expect and the reliability that you demand.